Vowels of the People Association

Agitate | Educate |Ignite |Organize |Uplift

VOPA strives to provide Joyous, meaningful education with
self-respect and equal opportunity for underserved school children


व्हिस्कूल - गुणवत्तापूर्ण शिक्षणाचा हक्क जपण्यासाठी

व्हिस्कूलद्वारे पहिली ते दहावीचे लाखों विद्यार्थी मोफत ऑनलाइन शिक्षण घेत आहेत. या कार्यासाठी आपल्या आर्थिक मदतीची गरज आहे. तुम्ही दिलेली देणगीची रक्कम मिलापतर्फे दुप्पट होऊन या कामासाठी मिळेल. खालील लिंकवर क्लिक करून देणगी द्यावी ही विनंती!


Education in India is dealing with complex problems. Such problems can not be addressed by mere replication. These problems need solutions that are designed for scale. We are trying to build such solutions.

#VOPA strives to To build an ecosystem which would catalyze the teaching
learning intersection

School Transformation

There are numerous social problems in our society and there are a huge number of changemakers who strive to change the world for better. We believe a teacher is the most influencing changemaker.

#VOPA strives to help the teachers, schools, and NGOs to make them more effective and efficient in their mission.