Vowels of the People Association

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Socio-politically deprived people

There is a large number of socio-politically deprived people, in rural and semi-urban areas.

These deprived people include children, oppressed women, youth from extremely poor economic conditions, backward caste people who are deprived of equality and more.

Also, there are a number of self-motivated youth and social organizations working for the upliftment of these deprived people.


Lack of resources

These organizations and change-makers lack the resources which can make them more efficient and effective. Resources such as knowledge, skills, funds and more.


Most of the resources are concentrated in cities and with certain social classes.


Youth Development, training, and facilitation

We are trying to solve this issue. By making knowledge, skills, funds etc. available to these change-makers.

We are doing it by providing customized programs of sensitization, knowledge, and skill-building.

We are trying to democratize and decentralize development.