Your smallest input can make big difference to our work!

Our immediate needs!

1. Connect us – If you know any social or political organizations working for deprived people, please connect us with them. This surely brings opportunity to collaborate on projects and make an impact!

2. Sustenance – We are in process of becoming financially independent by working on social projects. We need one more year for that. Till that time, we need your financial support. No amount is small amount for us! Please donate as per your convenience.

3. Volunteer @ VoPA – We need your warmth, enthusiasm, time and skill. We have enlisted specific tasks. Please check them out. Pickup any task you like. Work on it absolutely at your comfort – at any time, from anywhere, at your pace. It will be very helpful for us. Check out our task list.


Become part of vibrant VOPA community!

1. Time volunteer. You do not have specific preference but want to help – great! Just contact us and we will get you absorbed 🙂

2. Skill volunteer. You have any subject or tool or domain expertise that you work like to share with us – amazing! We have learning spaces where you can conduct sessions for our community. And do check out or tasks pool where we strongly need your expertise.

3. Donations. Financial support is oxygen for us for next one year more till we become independent. We are genuine and sincere about work (our work reports) and have plans in place for further work. We ensure you that your contributions will be best utilized! Please give a thought to donation.

4. Spread VOPA information. share and spread information about VOPA amongst your contacts and social platforms, it helps us a lot to attract like minded individuals.

5. Any other thoughts? You have any idea, project in mind that doesn’t fit in above options – no problems! We love out of the box thinkers! Please join in.

6. Just drop by. We are more than happy to talk to you on phone or in person – drop by to our office anytime for a cup of Chai! 🙂

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