Sayali Tamane - Copy


She is an educationist who has been working in the development sector for last 10 years. She is a vivid artist and a singer. She has played a key role in designing value education and art appreciation textbooks for Balbharti.



Ravikant is a problem solver at his core, trained from IIT Kanpur. He has a keen interest in the system based solution designing. He has been serving various NGOs with mainly IT-based services. He helps us with our website and other IT projects.

Pravin Sinde2


Pravin is trained as an engineer and now he pursues a career in Journalism. He has worked at eTV, Hyderabad. Now he is working with TV9 Marathi. Pravin is really a very thoughtful and sweet friend.

Pratik Wadmare


Pratik is a research associate at ASER, Delhi. He has a keen interest in the relationship between social equality and economics. He is trained as an engineer and has worked at SEARCH Gadchiroli under the guidance of Hon.Dr.Abhay Bang on Project Muktipath.



He is a journo in the team who is working with Sakal Media Groups. He is a well-known friend in the progressive and socialist circles in Maharashtra. He has pursued his masters in History with SET and NET qualifications. Earlier he has worked with the Vicharvedh movement in Maharashtra.



Shilpa is a manager in the research and development field in the automobile sector. She is a vivid reader and she enjoys life to the fullest. Listening to her Navodya life stories is always an enjoyment. She contributes to VOPA blog regularly.

Kedar Adkar2


Kedar is a Human Resource and Management expert. He is working in the development sector for the last 12 years. Currently he is working with SWACH, Pune. He is well known for his work ethics, service approach and sense of humor.



Ashwin is an educationist trained at TISS. He has worked at SEARCH, Gadchiroli and JnyanPrabodhini, Harali. Currently, he is the lead coordinator at Sondara Gurukulam, Beed. He is passionate to work for the development of Marathwada region.