Prafulla has studied Development Management and is a mechanical engineer by training. He was part of NIRMAN project as an Executive team member for last five years. He has also led the Educational project Kumar Nirman under Hon.Dr.Abhay Bang and Hon. Vivek Sawant (MKCL). His passion is to work for oppressed society and to promote universal human values.

Akash is Electronics & Telecom engineer by training. He has worked as Senior Project Associate in NIRMAN project at SEARCH, Gadchiroli under Dr.Abhay Bang for last three years. He is passionate to work for youth development and wants to promote constitutional and humanitarian values to strengthen democracy. He is guy in the team.

Rutuja is a Computer engineer by training. She has worked in IT industry and also under Chief Ministers Rural Development Fellowship in Marathwada region. She has great people connect skills and social intelligence. She is an enthusiastic young person with excellent singing and dance skills. She loves being with children a lot.